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Someday all schools will be like ours

Elementary School

Dragon American School offers a vital experience that develops Implicit Learning both of attitudes and aptitudes, of self-knowledge and emotional education, seeking the integral development of the person.

Dragon American School offers a vital experience that develops Implicit Learning both of attitudes and aptitudes, of self-knowledge and emotional education, seeking the integral development of the person.

At the beginning of Elementary, the students make an important transition from Dragonfly “kindergarten” to Dragons, where they start their formal education, always respecting the rhythms and individualism of each student. Our students manage to self-regulate in a free environment, with the continuous support of adults (mentors and teachers) who assume the responsibility as models that make a deep impact on the student’s educational lives.

During this stage the students begin to be the protagonist of their learning and initiate their path towards “self-directed” learning. Each student chooses subjects according to their level, abilities and interests. The student holds the responsibility of their learning, therefore there is a high motivational factor.

Throughout the stage, in each class subject, the teachers offer a variety of activities where they acquire, not only specific and academic knowledge, but also soft skills. This is to provide learning opportunities to the classroom through the use of various methodologies, proposals and activities: collaborative work, project development (individual or in groups), gamification, exploration, storytelling, hands-on approach to learning.

When they finish this stage, our students are ready to continue on their way to Middle School.

We want to prepare our students for life, so our school tries to simulate the real world. We believe that it is vitally important to give children opportunities that encourage exploration, a critical attitude and the development of imagination. We help our students to be creative, to develop an open mind, and the ability to learn throughout their lives (“lifelong learning”). We also help them feel listened to and therefore active in their community, valuing their work from their needs for improvement and development, as well as from their talent areas.

* Mentoring / Academic Coach:

The mentor is a figure that accompanies the student on the path to their integral development; they help and guide their learning and provide emotional and social support to their mentee.

A bond of trust is generated between student and mentor, from academic needs of the personal curriculum are proposed. The student learns to detect their weaknesses and strengths. The mentor is also a bridge to the families for communication.

Spaces and academic offer:

We understand the environment is a key element and part of the learning process, therefore each space is an opportunity for different investigation. Surrounded by nature, we provide a source of exploration and connection. The spaces are another pedagogical tool. In addition, each classroom is flexible to the needs of a variety of classes or activities.

Classes include:

• Science
• Art
• Technology
• Swimming
• Yoga
• Bikes
• Mindfulness
• Cooking
• Carpentry shop
• Physical education
• Storytelling
• Adventure club
• Body movement
• Philosophy for children
• Jewelry
• Artistic workshops
• Social games
• Scrapbooking
• Fashion and design
• Wild fitness
• Scientific Comittee
• Human rights
• Financial education

Our spaces

• Art room
• Tech lab
• Science lab
• Music room
• Movement studio
• Wood workshop
• Aulas polivalentes.

Students will be able to freely access some of these spaces during the “open space” periods offered by the center. On the other hand, we are very fortunate to be in a natural environment that we visit many times throughout the year, in different subjects.

La Plaza , which acts as a hub for connecting people and spaces. A multipurpose place that contains a library, a Lego corner, a chill out room, board games, table football, air hockey and chess. This space is completely open, being indoor or outdoor as needed.

Mandatory Classes

All elementary students are required to enroll in classes set out by the Comunidad de Madrid, those include: Language Arts and Social Studies. In those classes, students are grouped in 3 different stages: 1st and 2nd are together, 3rd and 4th, and 5th and 6th. In addition, we make it a priority that all students are enrolled in English class too.

Elective Classes:
Elementary students have a variety of classes they can choose from, taught in English and Spanish.

Classes include:
Drama, Art Class, Technology, Science, Swimming, Bikes, Yoga, Mindfulness, Cooking, Math, Wood Workshop, Body movement, Basketball, Football, Physical Education, Adventure Club, Jewelry making, Social games, Scrapbooking, Open Art Space, Art Workshop, etc.

One day in Elementary

First Meeting

Classes / Free time

Fruit time

Classes / Free time

Lunch time

Classes / Free time

Community Work

Last meeting

A day in Elementary starts with First Meeting, which includes each mentor and their group of mentees. This is followed by 6 class periods and/or free times, depending on their personal schedule. During the day, there is a specific time for fruit time and lunch.

We finish each day with community work and Last Meeting, which is with the mentor and mentee group.

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