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Someday all schools will be like ours


The story of Dragon American School is based around two visionaries, Bárbara Serrano and Juan Morán, who dared to challenge the status quo in order to forge a new path in education, highlighting the irreplaceable essence of the human being in the era of artificial intelligence.

In 2001, Juan launched his first artificial intelligence company, showcasing once again his unwavering desire to explore the unknown and be a pioneer at the crossroads between technology and humanity.

In 2008, Barbara set up the first kindergarten based on what would later be called the Qualia Method®, focusing on the richness of the human subjective experience.


In July 2012, fate reunited Barbara and Juan. They realised that the Qualia Method® was the only way to ensure a bright future for the next generation in the era of artificial intelligence. United by this shared vision, they founded Dragon American School.


In November 2012, they presented their revolutionary college in public and made predictions about the accelerated evolution of AI, the inevitable loss of jobs, and how authentic humanity would give us an invaluable advantage over machines. In these early years, it was mainly forward-thinking and bold families that accepted and adopted their message.

Over the past eleven years, Dragon American School has become a laboratory in which the Qualia Method® enriches, expands and exhibits its value.

Finally, in 2023, the launch of ChatGPT confirmed what Barbara and Juan had predicted more than a decade ago. Their message is now tangible to everyone. What was once considered an ‘alternative’ college reserved for pioneering families has now become the only sensible and prudent choice in this new era. What was once considered visionary is now seen as indispensable. At Dragon American School, we’ve always been ready for the future, and now the future is here.

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