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Someday all schools will be like ours

Our principles

Welcome to Diversity and Neutrality

At Dragon American School, we pride ourselves on being a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. With a vibrant community from over 40 nationalities, we embrace a diversity that transcends borders, religious beliefs, and political spectrums. Here, each tradition and worldview enriches our collective experience, fostering a dynamic and reflective learning environment.

A Pillar of Respect

Our foundational pillar is an unwavering respect for human rights, as well as for nature and all its beings. This principle guides every aspect of our education, from daily interactions to curriculum design.

Education Free of Influences

We maintain a firm commitment to neutrality: politically apolitical, ideologically impartial, and spiritually secular. The integrity of our staff is key; the expression of political or religious preferences that could influence our students is not allowed. This framework ensures that each student’s intellectual and personal development is authentic, based on a free and conscious exploration of the world.

Freedom of Expression with Responsibility

We celebrate our students’ freedom of expression, provided it is framed within respect for others and for universal human rights. This policy not only protects but also promotes open and constructive dialogue, preparing our young people to be informed, critical, and compassionate world citizens.

Neutrality as Added Value

Not being tied to any external ideology, Dragon American School offers an oasis of neutrality. This environment guarantees that all families, regardless of their background or beliefs, feel welcomed and respected. Here, their children will find a safe space to grow without indoctrination, free from ideological pressures.

We are proud to be a place where diversity is more than welcomed; it is the essence of our identity. At Dragon American School, every day is a new opportunity to learn from each other, celebrate our differences, and build together a more inclusive and respectful future.

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