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Double Degree

At Dragon American School when we talk about degrees, we should always keep in mind:

Dragon American School is an American school.

Dragon American School is a foreign center authorized by the ”Comunidad de Madrid”

Dragon American School is a Cambridge school authorized to teach and examine IGCSE’s and A-Levels.

From Middle School onwards, our academic program offers several different learning opportunities:

Main academic itinerary that offers a wide selection of subjects and courses that result in obtaining the North American degree: students finish High School, grade 12, with this degree that is comparable with the Spanish Bachiller degree. For this, the school is in charge of processing the homologation of the North American title* presenting the certified list of the students by the Educational Inspection body of the Madrid West Territorial Area Directorate and the respective Academic Certification. The Homologation Procedure is presented in the General Registry of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, which issues the Spanish ESO qualification. Arriving here, the students have a valid degree in the US and in Spain.

* To obtain the homologation of the degree into Spanish, it is mandatory to study the subjects of Spanish Language and Literature and Social Sciences/Geography and History

These subjects will count for the purposes of calculating the final grade, providing from the school the accrediting certification of the courses taken equivalent to the ESO stage of the Spanish educational system.

The American qualification is very prestigious throughout the world.

Therefore, whoever takes High School at Dragon American School can finish at 17/18 years with 2 different degrees:

• The American certification
• Spanish degree (homologated directly of the American)

The student can choose:

  • To study for the American entrance exam
  • To take the 4 Spanish PCEs to pass the EvAU
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