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Someday all schools will be like ours

Offer your child an environment that allows them to achieve academic and human excellence so that they can shine in the era of artificial intelligence.

Personalised academic pathway

Choice of subjects.

At our school there are no two curriculums alike: by combining agile methodologies, technology and humanisation, we design personalised pathways for each student to find their element. Including a love of mathematics. Autonomy, responsibility, and initiative as tools for self-realisation.

Zero bullying

In-house programme and protocols (Firewall Protocol®)

Our students grow up in a safe environment, where they can express themselves freely and find the support needed to resolve conflicts. Our anti-bullying and anti-microaggression stance is omnipresent in school life, favouring assertiveness, self-esteem and the ability to resolve conflicts, while also enhancing academic performance.

Native English

Natural immersion: 75% of the staff are native speakers, in a community with more than 26 nationalities

With our model, your child will develop the same cognitive, emotional and social intelligence in English as in their own language, which will give them access to the English-speaking world under the same conditions as a native speaker. The sooner they start, the more successful they’ll be.

University admission

The best universities in the world

We accompany our students throughout their academic life and design a unique university admission pathway based on their preferred universities and degrees. US High School Diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate, EVAU, SAT, AP. Excellent academic results.

Thinking-Based Curriculum

Teaching to think, key to our educational model

Critical thinking, ability to execute, decision-making, etc. Students learn how to use thinking skills by connecting with curricular content. Great thinkers are nurtured in our classrooms, building their knowledge with many more tools than mere memorisation.

Skills Based Assessment

Skills based assessment

Self-esteem, motivation, performance, etc. Developing the best metacognition practices so that students enjoy their learning process. Mentors, teachers and the students themselves are actively engaged in developmental assessment.



Each student has a personal mentor who advises and mentors them throughout their education. A trusting relationship is built between the two, which will help them make academic and personal decisions throughout the different stages.


In a stunning natural environment, a healthy, agile, enlightened, and happy childhood.

Nutrition based on human design with 100% organic food.
Functional training and sport in nature:
MTB, climbing, canyoning, skiing, mountain activities, and more.
Care of body and mind:
Daily mindfulness, yoga, and academic immersion in the natural environment.
Other sporting activities:
Basketball, volleyball, football, aerial dance, skateboarding, swimming, and more.

Social model

Environmental and social responsibility. Emotional intelligence and ethics

We’re a small community that fosters common projects, conflict resolution strategies, synergies for the common good, participation, and cooperation.

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Our award-winning educational model:

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