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Someday all schools will be like ours

Our Pedagogical Program

It is no secret that the traditional Educational System has not progressed in the last years and that it certainly does not work for the future of our children. Memorizing makes no sense in a “digital age” when access to information – through tablets, mobiles and computers – is at everyone’s reach, not to mention the development of artificial intelligence in the near future. University entrance examinations are unfair and arbitrary: children´s future should not depend on just one exam under a great deal of pressure.

“Education is not a mechanical system is a human system. It’s about people”
-Sir Ken Robinson.


This is the reason why Dragon American School has developed a tailor-made educational system to help students be efficient and effective, as well as to enhance their full developments without limitations. We prepare our students to provide them with greater opportunities in the future.

In order to accomplish this, our work is founded on five key principles that we believe will help students learn the right way:

Acquired Knowledge Persistence

We focus on a persistent knowledge acquisition that will last for a long period of time. This will lead to a greater efficiency in their learning process.

Future Knowledge Value

Teachers design each course according to the abilities and knowledge required nowadays in order to provide students with a better future, full of opportunities.

Knowledge Acquisition Cost

Did you know that the cost of acquisition varies? It depends on the type of knowledge and on the learner´s age. For example, second language acquisition is faster and more efficient when learned at the right age. This is the reason why we teach English from the very first year in kindergarten.

Free-Time Management

Children decide what they want to learn with their mentor guidance and when they are going to have their free time. Each student has their own timetable and can choose between a wide range of subjects.

School Rules are suggested by students and staff and must be approved by both

School regulations are approved during assembly by a majority vote.

Educational stages

Taking these principles into account, adaptation of new students to our educational system is based on the following four stages:

Adaptation and Self-regulation

This is a very important stage, as students need to learn and understand the way our school works so they can make the most of it. Once self-regulation has been achieved, students will be capable of developing their own academic itinerary in a responsible way.

Negotiation Stage

Your child will start building an academic itinerary with the guidance of his coach. Together, they will work on a timetable in order to create a solid foundation between compulsory & optional subjects, finding the best combinations to enhance the child’s strengths. Children prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents. As a result, each student has his/her own agenda.

In order to create a solid foundation, each Mentor will negotiate with students the compulsory subjects and will then add the ones that the child has selected. Mentors are the key to stimulate your child’s curiosity. Following a structured guide designed by coordinators of each area, students can build an itinerary that will meet their needs. Mentors will make sure that children choose the right level and that subjects meet their interests.

Potential Development

The wide variety of subjects based on learning abilities rather than according to age will allow your child to discover and develop their full potential. Your children will come to school motivated and happy. Our method gives the students the skills they need for life, so they can achieve school, university and work. Our ZERO tolerance to bullying Policy makes our school a safe place and your children will be able to focus on what really matters: their present and future.

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